What people say about Richard Carter Realty

20 Years of Excellent Service

Since buying our family home in 1996 from Richard Carter Realty, we have had a very successful and professional real estate relationship with them.

All aspects of buying and managing propertys has been taken care of with a minimum of fuss and stress.

We will continue to appreciate and grow with Richard Carter's impeccable service and extensive expertise.

We highly recommend Richard and his team with no reservation, to handle any form of advice or work in relation to real estate.

He truly is an expert with a great knowledge of the local market.

- Tim & Fran Mackenzie -

A Rare Event

Because of life’s journey and the experiences on that journey, I have for some time, become reluctant to write or even speak in favour of friends and acquaintances, particularly business acquaintances.
However, in this instance I find it a privilege.
Richard Carter is one person that I am pleased to refer to anyone who asks my opinion.
Albeit Richard is a personal friend and I have a great aversion to doing business with family and friends, I would not have listed my property for sale with any other Real Estate Agent.
I have been associated with many many Agents over the last fifty years of “spec building” and it is a sad fact that I have to say that I would not write a reference for any of them.
Richard Carter is a man with a character that allows him to conduct business to a high standard. He conducts his business dealings in a manner that will always hold him in good stead. I am sure Richard views everything he does in business, with due consideration as to how it will affect his client.
Richard has earned his reputation as an honest man in his business and private life, by just being Richard.
As a vendor, I can happily recommend Richard Carter as an Agent that will always consider ones need to achieve the best possible price for a property and with no fuss or bother.
Peace of mind is a wonderful thing when one is dealing with a major decision such as selling or buying a property. My wife and I always felt secure throughout the entire process.
I am happy to write this in the knowledge that I have spoken the truth of a worthy man.

- David Shipway - Pottsville

For Trusted Advice

I have known Richard for over twenty years.
We first met in a professional capacity after he was recommended to me for the sale of an investment property in Rainbow Bay whilst I was living in Sydney.
His local knowledge of the Tweed / Coolangatta /Rainbow Bay area was invaluable. He was very professional and gave me first class advice as to price and timing to sell.
Since then my wife Patty and I have become firm friends with him.
We have subsequently used his expertise again with another great outcome.
His professionalism and integrity are above reproach and his knowledge is always invaluable to us.
I would have no hesitation to recommend Richard to anyone selling or buying.
I would have no trouble doing business with Richard purely on a handshake, I trust him and his judgment implicitly.

- Tom & Pattie Scott - Mona Vale

Great Understanding

After many years of owning my unit in Rainbow Bay, the time finally came when I had to part with my precious jewel.

I have known Richard Carter for 26 years, so my choice of agent was a forgone conclusion. Having said that, after dealing with him on a business level I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone thinking of selling.

He was always understanding and patient, and understood the deep wrench it was for me to part with my property. His ability to empathise with my situation and help me through the process, with thorough and easily understood explanations of the selling process was a true blessing to me.

If you are thinking of selling, I recommend you call Richard first to seek his advice.

- Joan Hogan - Rainbow Bay